3 Lessons Business Owners Can Learn From Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

3 Lessons Business Owners Can Learn From Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump Business LessonsNo matter your political affiliation, it’s hard not to notice Donald Trump’s audacious 2016 presidential campaign. Whether he’s making disparaging remarks about immigrants, or insulting fellow republican candidates, Trump continues to dominate the recent 24-hour news cycle. You don’t have to agree with Donald Trump’s politics or cartoonish rhetoric to learn a few valuable lessons in entrepreneurship and business.

I’ve listed a few of the most salient examples of Mr. Trump’s spectacularly outlandish hubris; I hope you’ll glean some useful insight from it.


1. Unwavering confidence

Anyone who’s ever seen or heard Donald Trump knows that he’s never shy about telling you how rich he is, all the while singing the praises of his own greatness. And though his style is extreme, having confidence in your ability as a business owner is an undeniable quality to possess. The lesson — If you’re not exhibiting absolute confidence and belief in your own product or service, no one else will.

2. Defend your beliefs, even in the face of extreme criticism.

“When Mexico sends its people…they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” were the remarks made by Donald Trump a few days ago. And just to clarify, I neither agree with nor support those statements. However, I’d like to examine how Trump reacted to a firestorm of criticism, from both the mainstream media and his business partners. Everyone from Macys to NBC-Universal repudiated Trump after his remarks, which cost him millions of dollars in business deals. Yet, he’ll be the first to tell you that was a small price to pay to stand up for what he believes in. The lesson here is CONVICTION. There will always be critics, but perseverance and a steely resolve is one of the most vital components of success.

3. Put your money where your mouth is

About a decade ago, when I was doing market research for the car dealership I founded in 2003, I spoke to an associate who tried and failed at his own dealership in the same location. He proceeded to give me a million reasons why I shouldn’t start my company, and that if I did, I would fail just like he did. We had a spirited debate; I reminded him of my extensive finance and management experience in the automotive industry. And this experience is what would make me successful in the areas where he had failed. Trump isn’t just pushing back on his critics verbally; he’s funding his campaign with his own money. As of the date of this article, Donald Trump is leading the GOP in the polls.

To this day, starting and subsequently selling my car dealership was the most educational and fulfilling venture of my professional career. The take away lesson — it’s not enough to just talk about what you’re going to do, you must invest in, and execute your plan.

So the next time you hear Donald Trump make a ridiculous comment, remember, there’s a method to his madness. He didn’t build a billion dollar empire by not understanding business, and how to use the media to his advantage. Please subscribe to my channel for more business tips, cheers!

Google Business Tips to Double Your Online Traffic

Google Business Tips to Double Your Online Traffic

You know as small business owner and entrepreneur myself, I understand what it’s like to have little to no budget to market your business. You’re doing all the social media posts, your doing facebook, you’re doing twitter, yet you’re still not getting the results that you expect to be getting back. Well today I’m going to give you all the tips you need to double your online presence and get more traffic to your business. It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re an attorney, if you’re a doctor, if you’re a real estate broker or if you have a brick and mortar facility. What ever it is you do, I’m going to show you the tactics you can use to double the amount of traffic you get to your website and to your business.


1 – The first thing you need to do is claim your Google plus business page. For those of you who don’t have gmail, you’ll need to get a gmail account. Google uses your gmail account to access every other aspect of their company; for example your email, YouTube and your Google plus account. So you will need to get a gmail account then you can create your business page and claim your business entity on Google, it’s really vital that you do that right away.


2 – The second thing you’ll need to do once you’ve created your page, is verify it. You’ll see a little check mark right next to your name that lets anyone searching for you know that you’ve been verified.


3 – So by now I know you’re starting to see a pattern here with Google right? Google is extremely important when it comes to ranking your business and getting found online. The third thing you’re going to want to do is get reviews for your page. See this little block right hereLocal SEO…and I go into this more extensively in my second video. But having reviews is critical to showing up in that little pack in Google searches.


4 – Submit local citations. Some of you may not know what citations are, basically citations are references, mentions of your business online. The phone number, the location address and so on. Citation sites are sites that you probably already know, Yellow pages, Yelp, white pages. Local online directories that list businesses and all their information so they can get found. You want to make sure that your business is referenced on as many of these websites as possible. Citations are a key component in the algorithm used by Google, Bing and other search engines to index websites. So, you need to make sure that you’re listed there. Businesses with more citations and back links tend to get higher ranking in search engines.

 Citation Sites

5 – Speaking of back links, now we’re on to number five. Back links are critical in ranking and rating your online presence, namely your website. You want to get back links from trusted, authority websites. Now what are back links…back links is exactly what it says, right? It’s a link back to your site from other authority sites referencing either the content on your site or some sort of information that’s on your site. So for example, let’s say you were a plastic surgeon and you wrote an article that the United States medical journal referenced on their site, linking back to your site. That would be an incredibly vital and important back link, and a good signal to Google that you’ve got some good content on your site that’s being referenced by another authoritative site.


6 – And how do you get back links? Good quality content being posted frequently. This is one of the best ways to get good back links. Producing quality content, blogging and putting videos on your site frequently is another signal to Google that there are new pages on your site that need to indexed.

Thanks for watching this video guys I hope you enjoyed it. But before you go, I want to give you an added bonus. If you click the link below and enter your email address, I’ll send you step-by-step instructions on how to properly setup your Google business page. You don’t want to miss out on this, because I’ll go over exactly what you need to do and the proper steps you need to take to set up your Google business plus page. And make sure it gets done the right way. Go ahead and CLICK HERE
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by Mike Watkins

Video Marketing Ideas for Business

Video Marketing Ideas for Business

Hey guys, Michael here with SuccessMediaSolutions.com,
and today I’m going to share with you some quick tips and Video Marketing Ideas for Business.
To entrepreneurs and business owners, if you’re not using video as part of your marketing
mix your competition will out perform and beat you. Online marketing with video is too
important to ignore. Watch the video below for more info –

Tip number 1 – Start a youtube channel. Youtube
is the number two search engine on the only topped by google, which owns youtube.
They get almost 4 billions hits per month, so the opportunity for search hits when you
have video is massive.

Tip number 2 – Now that you have a youtube
channel, you’ve gotta create content. Upload videos about your company, about what you
do and what makes you different. Make sure the content is entertaining, but informative
and engaging.

Tip number 3 – Optimize your videos. Some
of you may not know what I mean so I’ll explain. Optimizing
your video content is a way to make sure that it gets found in online searches. Be sure
the keyword of your video is in the title. Upload the transcript of what’s being said
in the video to youtube so it shows up in the closed captioning like it does here. make
sure your video is tagged properly and the description is thorough, at least one to 200
hundred words.

Remember folks, as a business owner, what got you here wont get you there.
What I mean by that is sometimes as entrepreneurs we get stuck because we keep trying to do
the same thing that brought us to a certain level of success, not realizing that we need
to evolve and grow to get to the next level. Please subscribe to my channel if you like
this content, I’ll see you soon.

by Mike Watkins

3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Sucks

3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Sucks

So I visited with one of my past clients this week to discuss marketing strategy for the New Year.  We talked about possibly adding television commercials, and maybe even some billboard ads.  As she sat at her desk scrolling through her company facebook page, she suddenly turned to me and asked, “why aren’t we getting more results from this?” Here are a few of the answers I gave her:

1-    You don’t understand facebook’s page-post-algorithm


Ever since facebook became a publicly traded company, Mark Zuckerberg and company have been frantically trying to find new revenue streams for their shareholders. What does this mean for your posfacebook post reachts? Facebook decides which ones your fan’s get to see, and which ones they don’t.  The algorithm uses a mix of post relevance, popularity and quality of content to decide which ones get pushed to the top. But most importantly, it leaves room for facebook to place paid ads in your timeline.





2-    You marginalize other emerging social media platforms: Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.


This one stems from the fact that far too many business owners don’t know who their target demographic is. For example, if your product or service is meant for business people and professionals over 30 years old, you would do well to have a strong presence on LinkedIn and Google plus. Likewise for companies that cater to a younger audience, Instagram and Twitter need to lead your social media marketing campaign.


3-    Your video marketing is nonexistent


For some weird reason, most entrepreneurs still haven’t accepted the fact that YouTube is also a social media network. And in my humble opinion, THE BEST ONE! Yea I said it, YouTube is the best social media platform. It’s been projected that in the year 2017, over 80% of all Internet traffic will be video streaming, or some form of visual media. From a marketing standpoint, not only is video more engaging, but YouTube gets almost 6 billion hits per month. So start a Youtube channel and create some quality video content!

success media solutions - social media marketing


If you want your social media marketing to stop sucking, like us on facebook or contact us; we can help.

by Mike Watkins

Facebook Turns Ten

Facebook Turns Ten

facebook turns ten 10

This week one of the most popular social networks in the world celebrated its 10th birthday. Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard college roommates founded facebook over a decade ago, and it’ s now a publicly traded company. In only its first decade, the website has become the most widely used social network, ever.

In 2013 facebook bought the very popular photo app – Instagram, which is wildly popular among smart-phone users. Unlike many other social networks, there is very little you can’t do on facebook, from sharing videos with friends and family, to advertising campaigns for your business. There’s a purpose for facebook in every demographic. This month C.E.O Mark Zuckerberg released a statement on the company’s facebook page stating that he is even more excited about the next ten years than the last. He also said, “Today, social networks are mostly about sharing moments. In the next decade, they’ll also help you answer questions and solve complex problems.” In other words, you can expect a major paradigm shift in the upcoming decade. Of course, like any other social network, the company will inevitably face the challenge of aging gracefully while keeping the interest of young users who are always looking for the latest and greatest thing. Even so, facebook has already left its mark on social media history, being the first to escalate so quickly and so successfully. The company is worth a reported $157 billion, which is far more than any other major American company that’s been around for a decade. Because of facebook’s success, Mr. Zuckerberg ranks as the 22nd richest man in the world, his net worth now stands at approximately $28 billion. Ironically, Zuckerberg’s salary as an employee of facebook is $1 per year. It’s estimated that he has already earned $3.4 billion since the beginning of this year. Which means 2014 looks to be a very promising year for Mr. Zuckerberg and facebook.

by Mike Watkins