Life Lessons From  a Champion: LeBron James

Life Lessons From a Champion: LeBron James

Two years ago, when LeBron James announced “The Decision” to take his talents to South Beach and join The Miami Heat, it was met with much fanfare and controversy. As if Miami needed another reason to be hated, the decision, almost overnight, catapulted The Heat to the unenviable position of the most hated team in sports. LeBron in particular, suffered the brunt of the abuse. The pressure of such immense criticism and scrutiny proved too much, even for a man of his figurative and literal stature. As evidenced by his disappointing performance and subsequent loss in the 2011 NBA Finals, hate and outside noise can derail the best of intentions.

One year later, LeBron James is the NBA MVP, Finals MVP and 2012 World Champion. His transformation and growth came by way of his most profound realization; the biggest challenge to the heart of a champion NEVER comes from the outside, it comes from within! And this is true in every aspect of life!