What to Do About MINIMUM WAGE

What to Do About MINIMUM WAGE

minimum wage, what are you worthWhen it comes to employment, I’ve always believed that you should develop skills that make you almost invaluable to prospective employers; skills that allow you to ask for, and receive fair pay. But I’m torn on the issue of wether the minimum wage should be raised. On one hand, I understand the plight of workers trying to feed their families on a minimum wage income. But the flip side is, the inevitable rise in costs of goods and services consumed by the very same people who earn minimum wage.

It’s a self-defeating proposition.¬†

Here at Success Media Solutions, we DO NOT pay minimum wage. We try to attract the highest quality candidate for the position, and offer salaries commensurate with an individuals skill and experience.

But enough about what I think, here’s a quick two minute animation that objectively outlines the minimum wage argument. ¬†Check it out and share your thoughts on the debate.

by Mike Watkins