3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Sucks

3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Sucks

So I visited with one of my past clients this week to discuss marketing strategy for the New Year.  We talked about possibly adding television commercials, and maybe even some billboard ads.  As she sat at her desk scrolling through her company facebook page, she suddenly turned to me and asked, “why aren’t we getting more results from this?” Here are a few of the answers I gave her:

1-    You don’t understand facebook’s page-post-algorithm


Ever since facebook became a publicly traded company, Mark Zuckerberg and company have been frantically trying to find new revenue streams for their shareholders. What does this mean for your posfacebook post reachts? Facebook decides which ones your fan’s get to see, and which ones they don’t.  The algorithm uses a mix of post relevance, popularity and quality of content to decide which ones get pushed to the top. But most importantly, it leaves room for facebook to place paid ads in your timeline.





2-    You marginalize other emerging social media platforms: Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.


This one stems from the fact that far too many business owners don’t know who their target demographic is. For example, if your product or service is meant for business people and professionals over 30 years old, you would do well to have a strong presence on LinkedIn and Google plus. Likewise for companies that cater to a younger audience, Instagram and Twitter need to lead your social media marketing campaign.


3-    Your video marketing is nonexistent


For some weird reason, most entrepreneurs still haven’t accepted the fact that YouTube is also a social media network. And in my humble opinion, THE BEST ONE! Yea I said it, YouTube is the best social media platform. It’s been projected that in the year 2017, over 80% of all Internet traffic will be video streaming, or some form of visual media. From a marketing standpoint, not only is video more engaging, but YouTube gets almost 6 billion hits per month. So start a Youtube channel and create some quality video content!

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If you want your social media marketing to stop sucking, like us on facebook or contact us; we can help.

by Mike Watkins

Miami Dolphins Change The National Football League, Forever?

Miami Dolphins Change The National Football League, Forever?

Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, Miami Dolphins, NFL, FootballAs the 2013 NFL season comes to a close, the Miami Dolphins continue to battle for one of the few remaining playoff spots. But  it’s hard not to notice the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin bullying scandal that exploded in week eight, and the effect it will ultimately have on the teams chances.

Ask anyone their opinion about this story and you’ll most likely get a wide range of responses. To be sure, this is a polarizing story with more drama than a daytime soap-opera. There’s racial tension, millionaire athletes abusing each other and allegations of death threats via text message (yes, that actually happened). 

The part of this ever unfolding narrative I’d like to focus on, however, is locker-room culture in professional sports.  A friend and I were having a heated debate on how Martin (the player who was allegedly bullied) will be received when he returns to the NFL. My friend believes Martin will be booed by fans and ridiculed when he first takes the field, I disagree. I contend that the heightened awareness of bullying in the mainstream media is the reason this story got as much traction as it did. Furthermore,  the mammoth machine that is the NFL will do everything in it’s power to distance itself from any negative social stigmas. Ostensibly, Jonathan Martin will be fine. How his teammates in whichever locker he ends up treat him, is another matter entirely. 


As unfortunate as this whole episode was for everyone involved, there is still a culture of brotherhood and unwritten rules that exists in team sports, which Martin violated; this will forever render him an outsider. I sincerely hope Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin both get the help they need to move on from this incident and be successful in their careers.  Sports is as much about mental fortitude  as it is physical strength. And that will never change!! 

by Mike Watkins

3 Things to Consider Before Selling Your House FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

3 Things to Consider Before Selling Your House FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

So you’re a homeowner and you’ve finally decided to list your house for sale on the real estate market, CONGRATULATIONS! With the proper guidance, you may be able to execute this rather arduous business deal without it becoming a total nightmare. As a licensed real estate agent in South Florida, I’ve seen and heard enough horror stories of homeowners in Miami-Dade and Broward county trying, unsuccessfully, to sell their house on their own. To be clear, there is no law in the state of Florida that requires a homeowner to hire a real estate agent. However, with 85% of FSBO’s eventually opting to use the services of a qualified agent, you should consider these points:distressed Homeowners, south florida, realtor, realestate agent, miami-dade, sell house, help


A popular misconception among FSBO sellers is that they’ll save thousands of $dollars$ if they don’t hire an agent. But, as reflected in this NAR statistics guide, agents on average sell houses at a 30% higher price than homeowners on their own. So on a typical $200,000 home, you would save $12,000 (6% commission) by not hiring an agent. But potentially lose $60,000 (30% higher sale price) by foregoing the expertise of a Realtor.


Unless you’re an attorney or a similarly informed professional, this is where most folks find that they’re in over their heads. Not filling out certain documents properly, or giving  the required disclosures, may make you vulnerable to added expenses. Or even worse, leave you exposed to a possible lawsuit.


Here’s a list of a few of the things I do to secure a buyer for your home quickly:

  • evaluate the local market and comparable home values
  • suggest an appropriate listing price
  • advise you on how best to present your home, including providing referrals to painters, repair persons, and more
  • help coordinate preparation of disclosure and other needed forms and documents
  • create advertising materials and arranging for photographs (interior and exterior, hopefully done by a professional) and possibly an exterior drawing of your home
  • place ads on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and in other media, and sending out postcards to potentially interested buyers on the agent’s mailing list
  • arrange for individual visits to the property — if you’re no longer living there, most likely by providing a lockbox for use by other realtors, and meeting with individuals who don’t yet have their own agent
  • answer questions and providing documents such as disclosure packets to potentially interested buyers and their agents
  • hold one or more open houses, possibly including weekday open houses for other real estate brokers to visit and weekend open houses for the public (which itself involves many tasks, such as arranging for and putting out signs in advance, and providing food for the broker’s open houses, as is traditional in some areas)
  • receive offers to buy your house, whether via email/mail or in person if other agents wish to formally present their offers
  • help you evaluate the strength of each offer and strategize on issues like whether to accept or reject an offer outright or make a counteroffer, and whether to also look for or arrange a backup offer.
  • negotiate with the buyer’s agent until the purchase contract is complete (although this task may fall more to an attorney in states where legal help is required)
  • coordinate with the buyer’s agent throughout the escrow period, helping to make the house available for inspections and appraisals and make sure you’re doing your part to close the deal
  • help you strategize over requests made while in escrow, such as for a reduction in purchase price due to repair issues revealed in the inspection, and negotiating such issues with the buyer’s agent (unless any attorneys are still involved), and
  • attend the closing.

I sincerely hope this information was helpful to you. But if you need more guidance, don’t hesitate to contact me, Michael Watkins, South Florida Real Estate Expert.

Win or lose?

Win or lose?

As a life-long Miami Dolphins fan, I had a simultaneous sense of relief and apprehension after the beat-down we delivered to the Chiefs yesterday. No loyal fan wants to see their team have a losing season. However, with a losing season comes high draft picks and playoff hopes for next season. With Players like Richardson, Barkley and superstar QB Andrew Luck, all expected to be top draft picks out of college next spring, it’s understandable why Dol-fans are chanting, “suck for luck.” Ultimately, I believe you should play to win and let the chips fall where they may. And that goes for anything you do in life. So congratulations to my Miami Dolphins on their victory. Now lets go win the next eight games.