Video Marketing Company Helps Small Businesses Succeed

Video Marketing Company Helps Small Businesses Succeed

video marketing, commercial photography, social media managementSuccess Media Solutions is a Miami based media consulting and marketing company that specializes in affordable advertising solutions for small businesses. The company utilizes Public Relations, Commercial Photography, Video Production, and Inbound Marketing via social media and blogging, to leverage their client’s products and services.
According to Entrepreneur magazine, almost 50 percent of small businesses say the cost of traditional advertising is prohibitive, and makes it hard for them to compete with larger brands. But entrepreneurs can give themselves an edge with a solid advertising strategy, and implementing cost-effective techniques like social media campaigns and video marketing.


Success Media Solutions Founder
Success Media Solutions Founder

Success Media Solutions was founded by Michael Watkins, a Caribbean-American business development expert, who started his career in banking and finance, then moved on to the automotive industry. Watkins later started an independent automobile dealership in Hollywood, FL, generating $1.2 million in sales in just its second year of operation.
After completing a Music Business degree, as well as a in Communications from FIU, Watkins sold the auto dealership and went into media and video production. He has produced content and commercials for global brands such as The New York Times and, to local restaurants and attorneys.

When asked what made him get into the business-to-business marketing arena, Watkins was quoted as saying – “I am a small business owner, so I understand the challenges of other small businesses. We create the majority of the nations new jobs, so we need affordable solutions for us to compete and succeed.”

by Mike Watkins

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