Video Marketing Ideas for Business

Video Marketing Ideas for Business

Hey guys, Michael here with,
and today I’m going to share with you some quick tips and Video Marketing Ideas for Business.
To entrepreneurs and business owners, if you’re not using video as part of your marketing
mix your competition will out perform and beat you. Online marketing with video is too
important to ignore. Watch the video below for more info –

Tip number 1 – Start a youtube channel. Youtube
is the number two search engine on the only topped by google, which owns youtube.
They get almost 4 billions hits per month, so the opportunity for search hits when you
have video is massive.

Tip number 2 – Now that you have a youtube
channel, you’ve gotta create content. Upload videos about your company, about what you
do and what makes you different. Make sure the content is entertaining, but informative
and engaging.

Tip number 3 – Optimize your videos. Some
of you may not know what I mean so I’ll explain. Optimizing
your video content is a way to make sure that it gets found in online searches. Be sure
the keyword of your video is in the title. Upload the transcript of what’s being said
in the video to youtube so it shows up in the closed captioning like it does here. make
sure your video is tagged properly and the description is thorough, at least one to 200
hundred words.

Remember folks, as a business owner, what got you here wont get you there.
What I mean by that is sometimes as entrepreneurs we get stuck because we keep trying to do
the same thing that brought us to a certain level of success, not realizing that we need
to evolve and grow to get to the next level. Please subscribe to my channel if you like
this content, I’ll see you soon.

by Mike Watkins

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