What We Do

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[icon name=icon-film] VIDEO MARKETING

Incorporating video in your marketing campaign is an absolute necessity. Not only does it quickly convey the message you’re trying to promote, it also yields higher sales conversion rates. Studies show that potential customers are 300% more likely to retain the message of businesses that utilize video in their advertising strategy, over businesses that do not. Let our video production team create your next film-quality feature.

[icon name=icon-facebook-sign] SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING

Almost the entire world interacts online, so should your business. Success Media engages your audience with compelling content on all the major social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.,  allowing you to do what you do best, run your business.

[icon name=icon-heart]PUBLIC RELATIONS

Good Public Relations is priceless; no amount of advertising can surpass a company’s good reputation. Success Media Solutions is the ONLY South Florida marketing firm that produces content for global and national media outlets like The New York Times, About.com and eHow. We give our clients unprecedented access and exposure.

[icon name=icon-camera] COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Whether you offer tangible products, or professional or entertainment services, the right imaging can make the difference in how your brand is perceived. Our photographers have done shoots with clients from South America to Europe. Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!