Will the REAL photographers please step forward.

Will the REAL photographers please step forward.

There’s no question that the photography industry has changed dramatically since the invention of DSLR cameras. Most of these cameras capture decent images, and are available for less than $1000. But after being hired to shoot a birthday party a few weeks ago, and seeing the equipment and level of experience of the other “photographer” that was hired, I had to write this blog. Consumers need to understand the difference between a professional who invests time, effort, and commitment to constant improvement, and a guy with a camera trying to pass for a photographer. I approached the lady taking pictures at the birthday party to make small talk and exchange business cards; she did not have a business card, nor did she have a website. This should be an immediate indication to anyone looking to hire a photographer, that the person they’re considering is not serious about what they do. Photos chronicle the history of your life, so the hiring of a photographer should not be taken lightly. Here are three quick tips to help you choose a photographer for your business or event:

  1. Review their portfolio – All professional photographers have an online portfolio like this, or published work that’s easily accessible.
  2. Ask about their equipment – My instrument of choice is the Canon 5D MarkII. The equipment used on a shoot can be the difference between average looking pictures, and spectacular images.
  3. Talk to them about their experience – Engaging your photographer on facebook or twitter not only reveals their level of expertise, but also tells you a little bit about his or her personality. 

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